Approved Admissions 6.21 – 6.30

New Features

Alert in Medicare response for Advantage patients 

Created an alert when HMO, MSP, LGHP is detected in the Medicare response 

Patient Responsibility Extraction for Ohio 

Added ability to extract PR for OH 

Recertification Year in Batch Report 

Added recertification year to month for batch report 

New Schedule 

Added new schedule “1st business day” 

HMO replaced with Commercial payer type 

Replaced HMO with Commercial payer type, featuring new response pages, entity renaming, hot-storage, transformation 

VA Transformer 

Added the ability to extract MCO, Other Insurances types, and Medicare Info for VA Medicaid facilities 

Validation for Batch Name for Bridge Integration 

Added validation for Batch Name on Bridge Integration tab 

Facility name and information 

Facility name and info are shown started from this release 

Facility name and information for Texas Medicaid 

Facility name and additional facility info added to NPI/API field for Texas Medicaid 

X12/Benefits for failed transactions 

Added an ability to download X12/Benefits for failed transactions 

Plan Code field 

Added ‘Plan Code’ field to the ‘Medicare Insurance ..’ deltas 

Performance Improvements

Starting from this release we implemented the following system improvements: 

  • Redirect to response page instead of requests page after request submission 
  • Added validation for Batch Name on Bridge Integration tab  
  • New responses for API and API Batch applied 
  • New transformer for Delta Processor used 
  • Facility title added to API 
  • Added an ability to pass provider key 
  • “Providers” renamed to “Payers” 

Bug Fixes

The following issues were resolved in this release: 

  • Fixed calculation for Provider Status 
  • Fixed the «Cancel Schedule» button 
  • Fixed Batch Export issues and improved the portal performance  
  • Fixed the 404 error on the Verifications errors page 
  • Fixed password expiration recognition 
  • Fixed missed provider renaming to payers Customer area 
  • Fixed incorrect display popup ‘Additional facility info’ 
  • Corrected the value for SosCorrected and EosCorrected fields 
  • Resolved the problems with the Medicaid report in the batch section 
  • Fixed the 404 error on the Request History page 
  • Corrected the error message when provider credential is wrong 
  • Fixed the the date ranges of benefits which were displayed as -1 from the date received from the provider 
  • Fixed the incorrect display ‘state’ in facilities GRID 
  • Fixed the issue with Full report if request has Medicaid and commercial transactions 
  • Fixed the problem when admin user can`t add facilities 
  • Fixed the problem when the Customer user can’t edit the facility
  • Added access to MBI lookup with Facility without billing plan
  • Removed Payer logo from the print 
  • Fixed the issue when request has Failed status but the response is displayed 
  • Fixed error message when provider credential is wrong 
  • Fixed problems with the Medicaid report in the batch section 
  • The user can now remove the SNF code after changing the pagination or page size 

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