Approved Admissions 6.20

New features

MBI Lookup and Criminal Search 

Starting from this release, MBI Lookup and Criminal Search are accessible via the API and directly on the Approved Admissions Portal. 

Medicare Hospice Section 

The Medicare Hospice section has been enhanced with additional revocation information. 

Improved Benefits Recognition for Colorado Medicaid 

Starting from this release, benefits for CO Medicaid are displayed “Other” or “Additional Payers” in the summary report. 

New Portal Color Theme  

The Approved Admissions Portal color scheme has been updated to match our new brand look and feel. 

Error Message View 

The error description has been enhanced to improve readability. The design of error messages has been refreshed to reflect this update. 

Date Range Enhancement for IL Validation 

The date range for IL validation will include patients’ verification for the next month after the 21st of each month. 


In this release we have improved coverage change reporting and consolidation of weekly notifications.

Bug fixes

The following issues were resolved in this release: 

  • Resolved the issue with “Reset Security Questions” in the “Companies” section. 
  • Fixed issues with delta duplication 
  • Fixed the issue when a failed transaction skipped the delta processing due to validation 
  • Corrected the user grid not updating after a user deletion. 
  • Fixed the issue of MD invalid request data being recognized as an unavailable service. 
  • Added case-insensitivity for deltas 
  • Medicare Advantage delta won’t be triggered for expired insurance 
  • API Batch fixes and security improvements  
  • Fixed ‘No option to cancel request schedule’ issue 

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