Approved Admissions 6.0

New features

MI MCD transformer

Starting from this release, AA tracks insurance changes for MI Medicaid. In addition to Co-Payment, Patient Responsibility, and LTC (NH-LTC-NFAC), now AA also tracks changes in ICO-NFAC and MHP-NFAC.

CO MCD transformer

​Starting from this release, AA tracks Medicaid Recipient Facility changes and particular HMO changes for Colorado and shows residents’ facility information on the CO Medicaid Summary.

MD MCD retry policy

Starting from this release, AA can resend failed requests for Maryland Medicaid. When MD MCD request returns an exception, AA handles the exception, sleeps for a while, and tries again, thus preventing failures due to connection problems.

Lifetime Psychiatric delta

Starting from this release, AA tracks the number of psychiatric days remaining for Medicare. Users will receive Medicare LPSY (Lifetime Psychiatric) changes in the Eligibility Changes emails for all tenants.

SO/CR in API requests

Starting from this release, Sex Offender/Criminal Records search is available not only in manual and ftp requests, but also in verification requests performed through API.

Schedule overriding

Starting from this release, Admin users can override schedules not only for the whole CSV batch but per each NPI separately.

Missed Facilities report

Starting from this release, Admin users can generate the Missed Facilities Report. This report shows the list of all facilities that have no batches for the selected date.

External ID in reports

Starting from this release, all AA reports show resident External ID in batches. This ID identifies the resident in a third-party system, for example, in PCC. Previously, to match residents in AA and in a source system, users could refer only to personal data like First Name and Last Name. Now residents can be easily matched by ID.

Stable census pulling

Starting from this release, resident census pulling from external source systems (PCC, SigmaCare, VisualEMR, BrighTree) to AA becomes more stable. From now, Bridge API doesn’t interrupt census process if facility wasn’t found or if it doesn’t have residents.

Medicare HETS 270/271 new URL

AA platform is now ready for Medicare HETS 270/271 redirecting to new URL. New URL testing was successfully passed and as soon as Medicare informs about transition, AA makes the redirect.

Session expiration warning

​Starting from this release, AA web portal notifies users when their session is about to expire. For security reasons, after a 30-minutes inactivity period, the system shows a warning message saying that 5 minutes left before the session will be automatically closed.

User-friendly login

Starting from this release, AA improved UX for the login button. From now, users can see an animated loader – to track the login process.

Advanced Report for admins

Starting from this release, only Support Admins can see an additional Advanced Report tab in verification response details. This tab is to be used for customer support purposes and can be analyzed for better understanding of possible issues in eligibility verifications.

Performance Improvements

Starting from this release, AA increased the performance and speed up the site operation due to the following system improvements:

  • Migrated from Net to Net.Core.
  • Optimized FTP files processing.
  • Improved batch validation process.
  • Reduced the database size due to storing X12 data in a blob storage.

Bug fixes

In this release the following issues were resolved:​

  • Fixed collapsible Limited Services group on Medicaid Summary.
  • Fixed print layout on Medicare Summary: field titles are now synchronized with corresponding field data.

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