Approved Admissions 5.13

New features

Custom Date Ranges for Manual Requests

From this release onwards, AA doesn’t override transactions and dates for manual verification requests. Manual verification requests are those created manually from the AA portal or created manually in the external systems and sent to AA via API. This means that you can create manual requests with custom Start of Service and End of Service dates, and we will verify the residents for the selected date range.

However, AA  still overrides transactions and dates for scheduled requests, API batches, FTP batches, and reverification requests.

New Way to Cancel Schedule for Manual Requests

Starting from this release, you can cancel the schedule for manual requests from the verification details page or from the manual requests list – without editing the request. To cancel the schedule from the Resident Eligibility Verification details page, you can click the “Cancel” icon near the schedule type. To cancel the schedule from the Manual Requests list, you can select Cancel Schedule in the row actions.

For manually scheduled transactions, AA sends email notifications with the “manually scheduled” mark in the subject. The email contains a note on how to cancel the request schedule.

Updates in Admin Access Rights for Company Users

Starting from this release, company Users can have three levels of access to the facilities they are assigned to. Instead of the “Manage roles, facilities, audit trail” permission, there are now three separate permissions: “Manage roles”, “Manage facilities”, and “View audit trail”. Tenant Admins can give one, two, or all three permissions to the facility Users.

Also, starting from this release, you can convert Receivers into Users by clicking the “Convert” button on the Receiver’s edit window.

Covid-19 Immunization Data

Starting from this release, the Medicare Summary report contains the “Covid-19 Immunization” section where you can see the most recent information for Covid-19 vaccination. The section includes Vaccine or Procedure name, Immunization date, and details.

Medicare Lifetime Reserve Days

Starting from this release, you will be informed of any changes in Medicare Lifetime Reserve Days. You will receive this information in the Eligibility Changes emails for all tenants.

Eligibility Changes Email: Policy Number

Starting from this release, the Eligibility Changes email includes Policy Number and Insurance Description. So, you can understand from the message what type of Insurance has changed.

Long Term Care: Rhode Island

Starting from this release, you can see the Long Term Care information for the residents on the RI Medicaid Summary report.

Long Term Care: Alabama

Starting from this release, you can see the residents’ Long Term Care Liability Amount and Waiver information on the AL Medicaid Summary report.

Batch Import Process Upgrade

Starting from this release, before creating a transaction, AA checks residents’ information for the minimum required data provided. This prevents the processing of residents’ information batches with incorrect data.

Also, we updated the “Batch file import” page in the AA Knowledge base. To learn how to compose a batch click this link.

Verification API Enhancements

You can send API requests with any Start of Service and End of Service dates, and we will verify patients using exactly the date ranges you have chosen. So, in case you want verifications to run for one month only or go back in time and check last month, we can easily do it. See also the Custom Date Ranges for Manual Requests section of this document.

​Streamlined list of HMO payers

​In this release, we have streamlined the list of HMO payers (payer groups) and removed the duplicates.

Bug fixes

In this release the following issues were resolved:​

  • Fixed incorrect status in case of disabled transactions.
  • Fixed DC Medicaid Room and Board logic to account for the “Related Entities” field.
  • Added LTC information to the response.
  • Fixed Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) logic issue.
  • Fixed the password expiration issue.
  • Fixed request’s verification history table issue.
  • Fixed table formatting.
  • Fixed the “Error Types” filter.
  • Fixed the patient double-check logic for NJ Medicaid.
  • Fixed HMO issue for the Tricare For Life.

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