Approved Admissions 24.1.2 

New Features

Eligibility Notifications 

Fixed the incorrect calculated data in batch requests 

Commercial Summary 

  • Added Facility Info pop-up 
  • Fixed the incorrectly displayed co-pay  
  • Updated Plan Code logic 

Managed Care  

  • Added Service Types to ‘Managed Care’ deltas notifications 
  • Included Managed Care plan coverage type in the latest verification results 

Texas Medicaid Update 

LTC: Fixed the issue when the system returns only one item from the eligibility collection 

Michigan Medicaid Update 

Added Patient Responsibility (spend down) amounts 

Nevada Medicaid Update 

Updated Eligibility search criteria for NV Medicaid – Medicaid #, First Name, Last name, SSN and DOB 

Error Message 

Changed description for error code 73. New description – “Patient name is missing or does not match value on the database”. 

Mobile App Update 

New app version 1.1.68 (1016801) is now available. Fixed the issue when changes failed to load on the Eligibility Changes report 

Bug fixes

The following issues were resolved in this release: 

  • Fixed error message  
  • Renamed HMO to Commercial in the validation message  
  • Fixed invalid file download name  
  • Fixed Medicaid eligibility report issues  
  • Approved Admissions logo is moved to the right on the MBI Lookup print  
  • Fixed eligibility changes report performance issues  
  • Fixed the issue where MBI Lookup did not work when the billing plan included an authorization feature.  
  • Fixed the bug when the commercial payer is not shown when the user edits a request  
  • Fixed the bug when Gender and Age are incorrectly shown in a header in the request history  
  • Fixed the Medicaid Payer list sorting issue 

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