Approved Admissions 24.1.1 

New Features

Texas Medicaid Update 

  • Updated Medical Necessity logic. Benefits, where Benefit Amount (EB07) or Benefit Percentage (EB08) is present, will not be considered as Medical Necessity and appear in the appropriate section. 
  • Updated SNF codes 
  • LTC Information: fixed issue when zero co-payment amount was not displayed 

New York Medicaid Update 

Medicaid Managed Care now displayed for New York Medicaid 

Ohio Medicaid Update 

Updated 270/271 search criteria for Ohio Medicaid 

Washington Medicaid Update 

Updated Washington Medicaid co-insurance criteria 

Delta Names 

Delta names now can be sorted alphabetically in the drop-down list  

Commercial Summary 

Updated Plan Begin Date and Plan End Date logic 

Logging Format 

Updated logging to use proper format 

Bug Fixes

The following issues were resolved in this release: 

  • Added missing payer logos 
  • Fixed incorrect spelling in Commercial Summary 
  • Provider renamed to payer in error messages 
  • Fixed the issue when date isn’t displayed on summary and full report pages for Texas Medicaid 
  • Fixed “Selected requests” functionality issue 
  • Fixed the incorrect password reset process from user profile 
  • Fixed Medicaid and Medicare reports in the batch section:
    • Fixed the bug where the error popup was not displayed after navigating through different pages or changing the number of items displayed on the page 
    • Resolved the 404 error that occurred when users refreshed the page after changing the number of items displayed or navigating through different pages 

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