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Invite other businesses to Approved Admissions and get paid for each referral!

Approved Admission | Referral Program

Our Referral program is designed to reward our customers and vendors that refer new business to us.

Get a $30 one-time bonus for every facility you refer that signs an annual contract with us.
Get an additional $300 bonus for every 10 facilities you have referred that have signed annual contracts with us.

How it works

1 Fill in the form submitting all necessary information. We would appreciate it if you informed your referral about this opportunity.
2 We will check your submission and send you an email with the confirmation.
3 If your referral signs a contract with Approved Admissions and keeps using our service for two months, you are guaranteed to get $30.
4 The more facilities you recommend, the more bonuses you get. We will pay you a $300 bonus for every 10 facilities you have referred to us.

Let's grow together

Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions.

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