Intelligent Tracking of Insurance Coverage Changes for Skilled Nursing Facilities

Our timesaving SNF-focused platform keeps track of changes in residents' insurance coverage during their stay in your facility, along with a simple-to-use eligibility verification module.

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Approved Admission | Nursing Homes

Get more time to focus on patient care while avoiding revenue losses with industry-leading Medicare, Medicaid, and HMO coverage tracking from Approved Admissions.

Accelerate the Billing Processes in your facility

Changes in residents’ information, insurance plans, or co-payments require tools that provide real-time information so you can respond in time.

Approved Admissions empowers this through:

Automated eligibility verifications and reverifications

Email or API notifications if any coverage changes are detected

Batch eligibility verification

Real-time verifications

Seamless integration with RCM, EHR platforms (MatrixCare, SigmaCare, DKS/Census, FacilitEase, and many others)

Automated cross/platform synchronization

Approved Admissions enables automated tracking of any changes that occur in an insurance policy so that

Medical professionals can focus on patient care.

Billing professionals maximize collected revenue.

Instead of spending hours searching through various carrier websites and waiting on the phone to check for eligibility
You can find these details in a single location on our system

Streamline Medicaid and Medicare

Eligibility Tracking and Prevent

Billing Errors in Your LTC Organization

Approved Admissions provides great ROI right from the start. From Admissions to Billing and Revenue Recovery, nearly all departments in a Skilled Nursing Facility depend on timely and accurate patient benefit information. Our system pays for itself with the first detected change, providing you with nearly 99% ROI! Plus, we include a FREE eligibility verification tool in the package!
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Key benefits of using Approved Admissions:

Email or API notifications when your patient's insurance coverage changes

Find insurance coverage for patients, even if you don't know whether they have any

Criminal Records and MBI Search

Up-to-date information regarding patients’ COVID and other vaccine immunization status

Timely alerting on Managed Medicaid and Medicare Advantage plan changes

Reduced load on billers, and shortened receivables time

Real-time, API-enabled eligibility verifications enable cross-platform connectivity and streamline operations

Approved Admissions streamlines Nursing Home Medicaid, Medicare and HMO eligibility verification process by seamlessly integrating with RCM and EHR platforms through its integration solution.

Contact us to learn more about our integrated solution, the platforms we can seamlessly integrate with, and how we can help you with patient information validation and consistency across multiple software packages you may already be using.

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Setting up the Approved Admissions platform is simple, and our world-class client support staff is here to help you along the way. Contact us today to find out how we can help to change your approach to eligibility verifications.

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