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Approved Admissions supports integrations with other platforms, simplifying the entire insurance eligibility verification process for you and your staff

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We streamline and accelerate the integration process, enabling the system to extract census data in three distinct ways


Approved Admissions can extract patient data from your system by leveraging insurance eligibility API technology.

Automation solution

Our automation solution can extract the necessary information from various data sources without the need for a developer on your end. This seamless interchange accelerates the whole process and helps us easily work with a client’s data.


We enable interoperability with your billing software or EHR platform for enhanced flexibility and security.

Data Integration Made Easy

Approved Admissions facilitates swift integration into your technical ecosystem, saving you valuable time and effort. Our integration features come with pre-configured settings for the most popular platforms, making it easy to connect with a wide range of data sources.

The advantages of our RCM integration include:


You do not need developers' support to transfer data


Accelerated data transfers

Increased Productivity

Achieve interoperability goals faster with greater efficiency

Our integration capabilities guarantee that patient lists are automatically kept up-to-date for tracking, accelerating eligibility verification.

Insurance verification and changes tracking becomes a simple and streamlined process

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Setting up the Approved Admissions platform is simple, and our world-class client support staff is here to help you along the way. Contact us today to find out how we can help to change your approach to eligibility verifications.

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