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Eligibility Verification and
Coverage Changes Tracking Platform

Our platform is an intuitive web-based insurance coverage tracking solution bundled with a real-time eligibility verification tool supporting over 800 payers. It consists of three parts:

Eligibility Verifications Portal with links to 800+ insurance companies nationwide. We provide both Real-Time and batch submissions – you choose the eligibility verification method that works best for you. Our system supports organizations of all sizes, whether you are a single person or a large company with 100s of facilities and multiple levels of access permissions.


Coverage Change Tracking solution with custom rules for individual payers that govern change discovery and alerting. We provide sophisticated management of alerts that allows organizations of various sizes and complexity to custom-tailor recipients, groups, and types/methods of alerting for each. The system proactively sends discovered coverage changes to users providing ample time to react.


MBI lookup, Criminal Record Search, and Coverage Search capabilities. We recognize that sometimes you don’t have full patient’s information at your fingertips. This is why we developed ways for you to find the missing coverage information and improve the likelihood of a successful revenue collection.

Experience Automated Coverage Changes Tracking in Action

We are passionate about showcasing the possibilities our platform holds for your organization. Witness the challenges we have successfully addressed for your peers and envision how Approved Admissions can revolutionize your own processes.

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Approved Admissions

Founded in 2013, Approved Admissions' primary goal is to minimize claim denials due to a missed benefit coverage change. We started with RCM companies and Skilled Nursing Facilities but quickly expanded to DME providers, pharmacies, and many other organizations that bill insurance carriers for patient services. Our customers choose us because of our:

We don't wait for someone to request a benefits status update, we have completely automated the process of change detection and proactively alert users with relevant alerts they need to pay attention to. By pushing these alerts in front of the user's eyes, we minimize the chances that something will be missed or overlooked because it is buried behind 2 logins and 5 levels of screens.

Platform Flexibility

We integrate with a variety of platforms, from popular EHRs and billing programs to vertical-specific solutions to retrieve patient information for benefits tracking. Our team is well-versed in all aspects of integrations, and we are able to connect to almost any new source of data, from SFTP to APIs. If a customer needs a feature or a change not presently available in our platform. we are able to accommodate such requests through our Professional Services team.

Advanced Technology

Our platform utilizes an integration solution that easily connects with various data sources and has pre-built configurations for common platforms.

Expertise and Track Record

With over 10 years on the market, our solution is mature and is in use by organizations both big and small. Over this time we have discovered millions of coverage changes and helped customers prevent more than $1B in denied claims.

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Your patients' eligibility status is just a tap away. Our mobile app offers quick and seamless insurance coverage verification, no matter where you are, helping you make faster, informed admission decisions.
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