Automated Eligibility Coverage Tracking for DME Companies

Approved Admissions helps you prevent uncollectible debt due to a change in patient's benefits information that you were unaware of. Our system proactively tracks and alerts you on changes in a patient's insurance coverage before equipment delivery giving you ample time to address the issue.

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With 1000s of items to be delivered to patients, how can you stay on top of all the changes in their coverage while maximizing profitability? The answer is a fully automated coverage tracking platform from Approved Admissions.

How Approved Admissions Helps DME Companies Avoid Billing Pitfalls

By automating eligibility verification, DME companies can proactively ensure billing accuracy, save time, money, and prevent issues with equipment retrieval due to non payment.

Automated tracking of patient's coverage on the day of delivery and 1 week before

Email and API notifications if any coverage changes are detected

Always up-to date patient lists eliminate the need for manual file uploads

Web portal for real-time eligibility verifications with over 1,000 payers

Seamless integration with leading DME operations platforms

Automated integration for data synchronization and validation

The Approved Admissions platform allows DME companies to increase profitability and accelerate payments, all through an intuitive interface that any member of your team can navigate.

These features and more allow your DME team to proactively manage your equipment deliveries and avoid billing issues in the future

Why choose Approved Admissions for your DME company

As a DME provider, you know how crucial it is to stay on top of the benefit coverage information for a patient before delivering the equipment to them. Approved Admissions makes this process easy. Through our direct integration with leading DME operations software, we automatically look for changes in coverage for patients 1 week before and on the day of delivery. If a change in coverage is detected, we alert you with the change discovered so you can decide on an appropriate course of action. Our customers report a 90% reduction in claim denials and significant time savings for their staff.

Contact us for a demo so you can experience firsthand the difference Approved Admissions can make for your organization.

Key benefits of including Approved Admissions in your equipment pre-delivery process:

Reduce the rate of denials due to patient's non-coverage for DME services

Timely alerts on coverage changes

Scheduled deliveries will be automatically checked 1 week before and on the day of delivery

Fully integrated with the platform your DME company uses

APIs that allow your company to leverage eligibility verification as a part of your internal systems and processes

Easy to use and user-friendly web interface for real-time eligibility verificaitons

Maximize your reimbursement through patient coverage search

DME Benefits Coverage Tracking Automation

Our platform is built around the "set and forget" concept - once the initial setup is complete, the system runs automatically without requiring your input and sends you the change notifications automatically via email or API.

Latest Patient Data Tracking

Approved Admissions leverages its integration capabilities to collect real-time patient data from various platforms and automatically update patient lists for tracking.

Reduced claims denials rates, improved employees' productivity and streamlined billing process increase your ROI and the number of satisfied clients.

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Setting up the Approved Admissions platform is simple, and our world-class client support staff is here to help you along the way. Contact us today to find out how we can help to change your approach to eligibility verifications.

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