Automated Eligibility  Coverage Tracking Platform for Billing and Revenue Recovery Companies

Our solution offers an intelligent way to keep track of patients' insurance coverage data while optimizing your revenue cycle

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Approved Admission | Billing companies

Approved Admissions automates eligibility verifications and re-verifications, saving valuable time for your personnel.

Automated verification

Automated verification ensures that data is always up-to-date and accurate.

Now, your staff can benefit from an eligibility change tracking solution that permanently replaces spreadsheets and other inefficient, time-consuming tools.

How Approved Admissions Accelerates the Billing Process

Our platform is designed for billing companies willing to eliminate the need to manually track changes in patient’s insurance coverage every billing period.

Why spend hours every month on re-verifying eligibility coverage for your patients, manually compare it to the previous run, and filter out the irrelevant changes? Won’t it be easier to use a system that will completely automate this process? With Approved Admissions, you get:

Automated eligibility verifications and reverifications

Notifications of detected coverage changes are proactively delivered via email or API and custom-tailored for each staff member's role.

Always up-to date census eliminates the need for manual file uploads

Web portal for real-time eligibility verifications with over 1,000 payers

Seamless integration with leading RCM, EHR and billing platforms

Automated integration for data synchronization and validation

Coverage change tracking becomes a simple, streamlined process.

Why Choose Approved
Admissions platform
for your Billing organization

Approved Admissions allows your team to identify and react to potential billing issues in advance, with less time spent per patient, a lot fewer denials, and significantly more revenue collected.


Contact us for a demo and to learn how we have helped your peers avoid more than $1B in missed revenue.

Key benefits of including Approved Admissions in your billing process:

Automated coverage change search frees up countless hours for staff

Minimized claims denials and maximized revenue

Clean claims rate up to 98%

Accelerated reimbursement process for clients

Easy-to use software, additional trainings not required

Smooth integration into existing systems, no need to engage developers

Latest Patient Data

Approved Admissions leverages its integration capabilities to collect real-time patient data from various platforms and automatically update patient lists for tracking.

Automated Process

Our platform is built around the "set and forget" concept - once the initial setup is complete, the system runs automatically without requiring your input and sends you the change notifications automatically via email or API.

Сlient support

Setting up the Approved Admissions platform is simple, and our world-class client support staff is there to help you every step of the way.

Increased ROI

Reduced claims denials rates, improved employees' productivity and streamlined billing process increase your ROI and the number of satisfied clients.

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Setting up the Approved Admissions platform is simple, and our world-class client support staff is here to help you along the way. Contact us today to find out how we can help to change your approach to eligibility verifications.

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