We help you reduce claim denials through automation and validation

Founded in 2013, Approved Admissions' primary goal is to minimize claim denials due to a missed benefit coverage change. We started with RCM companies and Skilled Nursing Facilities but quickly expanded to DME providers, pharmacies, and many other organizations that bill insurance carriers for patient services.

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Our platform provides:

Proactive and automated tracking of changes in patient benefit coverage, benefit coverage search, professional assistance with claim processing and denial prevention — all while ensuring patient data clarity.

If you ever faced claim denial due to a missed benefit coverage change or data mismatch, or couldn't bill because of an unknown coverage, you should speak to us.

Integration and Automation at its core

Approved Admissions synchronizes with the latest patient information daily from EHR through integration capabilities. Once our platform detects a change in coverage or a discrepancy in patient data, it provides exception alerts to its users.


A Trusted Partner for Eligibility Verifications

Proven Track Record

We provide a reliable solution with over 10 years of market expertise. Our platform has discovered millions of coverage changes and helped customers prevent more than $1B in denied claims.

Customer Satisfaction

Over 1,500 delighted customers are using our platform. We work with organizations of different sizes, from single providers to large billing groups with 400+ SNFs under management.


We securely process over 2 million monthly transactions through more than 1,000 payer connections.

Approved Admissions constantly adapts to the changing healthcare landscape to help our customers succeed. Reach out to us to experience our fully automated eligibility change tracking and verifications platform


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Setting up the Approved Admissions platform is simple, and our world-class client support staff is here to help you along the way. Contact us today to find out how we can help to change your approach to eligibility verifications.

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