Proactively Detect Changes in Medicare, Medicaid and HMO Insurance Coverage

Approved Admissions is a secure platform that automates tracking of coverage changes for Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial payers bundled with real-time eligibility verification and coverage discovery.

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<p>Proactively Detect Changes in <strong>Medicare, Medicaid and HMO</strong> Insurance Coverage</p>

Patient coverage at your fingertips With Real-Time Eligibility Verifications

Check patients' coverage in real-time across 800+ payers nationwide with our advanced insurance verification tool.

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<p>Patient coverage at your fingertips With <strong>Real-Time Eligibility Verifications</strong></p>

Accelerate Data
Transfer With a Robust RPA Solution

By utilizing the Bridge RPA solution, our platform seamlessly automates data transfers between healthcare data sources, resulting in a streamlined eligibility verification process and empowering users to effortlessly work with data.

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<p>Accelerate Data<br /> Transfer With a <strong>Robust RPA Solution</strong></p>

Intelligent Approach to Proactive Tracking of Eligibility Changes

Intelligent Approach | Approved Admission

Automate Tracking of Changes in Insurance Coverage for Your Patients

How do you know if the eligibility status of your patients has changed since you’ve started to care for them? Manually checking every patient is a time-consuming and resource-intensive task. Let our intelligent eligibility tracking platform automate this process, and proactively alert you when changes are detected. Learn More

Verify Eligibility from Anywhere on Any Device

From admissions directors to billing departments and SaaS vendors – our clients check patients’ eligibility across more than 1,000 insurance companies using Approved Admissions Web, Mobile and API access anytime, anywhere.

We provide both Real-Time and batch submissions – you choose the eligibility verification method that works best for you. Our system supports organizations of all sizes, whether you are a single person or a large company with 100s of facilities and multiple levels of access permissions.Learn More

Minimize Medical Claims Denials

Did you know that every 6th Medicare or Medicaid patient will have changes in their coverage every month? And that 21% of those changes will lead to claim denials if you did not catch them in time?

Approved Admissions automatically tracks changes in patients’ eligibility and alerts you when action is required to prevent claim denials. Our clients report close to 98% elimination of denials and lost revenue due to the missed coverage changes.Learn More

Streamline Data Transfer with Bridge RPA

Many healthcare vendors use software that is not designed to easily support external systems (billing platforms, CRMs, reporting tools, etc.). As a result, the quality of care suffers – patient information is duplicated and is often out of sync across products used for the delivery of care and RCM processes.

See how much revenue is at risk without proactive coverage tracking.

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Average monthly revenue loss from missed coverage changes: 575

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Why Clients Choose
Approved Admissions

99% Customer Satisfaction

Over 1,500 delighted customers are using our platform. We work with organizations of different sizes, from single providers to large billing groups with 400+ SNFs under management.

Proven Track Record

We provide a reliable solution with over 10 years of market expertise. Our platform has discovered millions of coverage changes and helped customers prevent more than $1B in denied claims.

Flawless Integration

Utilizing our Bridge RPA, we automatically synchronize patient lists daily from EHR and billing platforms. This ensures that the automated change tracking reflects all new admissions and discharges. We are linked with MatrixCare, SigmaCare, Census, and many other leading EHR platforms and billing applications.

Unmatched Coverage Change Tracking

Over just a few months, our platform finds:


Managed Medicaid Enrollments and Terminations


Medicaid Numbers Corrected


Medicaid Patient Responsibility Changes


Medicare Advantage Enrollments and Terminations


Medicare Terminations and Reinstatements


Medicare Coverage Discovered

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  • We support and embrace interoperability with partners and external systems. From Health-tech vendors and SaaS solutions that need access to real-time eligibility to large healthcare billing platforms looking for a reliable, HIPAA-compliant partner and provider of insurance change tracking, we are the perfect partner for you.

  • Our easy-to-use eligibility verification API is vendor-neutral, and we are focused on providing our partners with the tools they need to succeed with their products.

Our integrations
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We Work With

From Skilled Nursing Facilities, DMEs, and physicians to RCM companies, Pharmacies, and billing groups, our clients are nationwide and span multiple sub-sectors of healthcare.

Nursing Homes
Nursing Homes

Whether you need to verify eligibility for a new referral or track changes in coverage for residents on your census, we make it easy with Approved Admissions. Our user-friendly platform is praised by customers for its simple yet functional interface and for its proactivity in notifying users when a resident's coverage changes. Ask us for a demo, we would love to show you why so many of your peers chose Approved Admissions over the competition.

Billing Companies
Billing and RCM Companies

If you provide RCM/Billing services to Skilled Nursing Facilities, you need to see what Approved Admissions has in store for you. Our product is custom-tailored to the way you do business and helps save time, money, and effort in tracking coverage changes across all your customer's facilities. By utilizing our platform, you will save approximately 78% of the time discovering coverage changes while seeing them approximately 84% faster (when compared to the manual monthly process). For example, we detect Medicare changes in as little as 2 days after the change happens, providing you with an extra 2-3 weeks of lead time to react. We understand how busy you are, and built our platform around the "set and forget" concept - once the initial setup is complete, the system runs automatically without requiring your input and sends you the change notifications automatically via email or API.

DME Companies
DME Companies

As a DME provider, you know how crucial it is to stay on top of the benefit coverage information for a patient before delivering the equipment to them. Approved Admissions makes this process easy. Through our direct integration with Brightree, we automatically look for changes in coverage for patients 1 week before and on the day of delivery. If a change in coverage is detected, we alert you with the change discovered so you can decide on an appropriate course of action. Our customers report a 90% reduction in claim denials and significant time savings for their staff.

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